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Steps to take into consideration before ordering a Hair System

Hair is a vast business in the cosmetic and fashion industry, and you have a plethora 

of hair system types to choose from evidently that range in quality, hair type, color, length and pattern. Hair systems are a huge trend and probably the easiest way to conceal a bad hair day, but what do you need to know before ordering a hair system?

Hair systems including extensions, full wigs, and hair patches offer a great alternative for those who love making a fashion statement, and even to those who suffer from hair loss or need convenience in their day-to-day routines. 

In this day and age, hair systems have come a long way from their heavy predecessors. Modern technology has delivered light, comfortable hair systems in natural looking colors and styles.

However, before investing in a hair system, we suggest you take these valuable steps listed below into consideration.


Step 1: What type of hair is your ideal type?

Hair systems come in two popular types – hair strands made from synthetic fibers or human hair, and both have its pros and cons.

Synthetic hair systems come pre-styled and pre-cut and require little to no styling, and many hair types are straightener, hot roller and curler safe. These hair systems are easy to maintain, hold their shape, dry fast and cost less than hair systems made from real human hair.

On the contrary, virgin human hair systems look more authentic and can be dyed and permed. They require the same care you give to your natural hair and need more upkeep than synthetic hair systems. 

Hair systems come in different hairstyles such as straight, kinky, curly or wavy. The type of hair used in these wigs determine how manageable the style is. If you are looking for customized and unique hair systems, you can always approach a wholesale wigs seller to get your demands met.

Before you purchase any hair system, ask what hair material it is made from and decide whether it meets your preferences or not!


Step 2: What kind of hair system do you prefer?

Once you have decided what type of hair material you are going to choose, you will have to select what type of hair system you would like to invest in. Hair systems come in various styles — you can opt for hair wigs, hair extension clips, patches or wig strands. 

Likewise, hair systems, be it hair wigs for men or hair wigs for women, are easier to wear and style but if you are looking forward to wearing extension clips and wig strands, you will have to consider professional help.

Extension clips and wig strands are meant to be woven with your natural hair to cover a bald spot or make a specific area on your scalp look voluminous. Hair weaving and hair bonding are cumbersome tasks and can only be performed by a professional.


Step 3: Which color is the best color?

Does the color match your style and taste? Hair systems come in a variety of colors. You should look for a shade that blends well with your hair color, eye color and your complexion. Hold your wig against your face in natural daylight to check whether it makes you look good out or not. 

Our experts recommend having at least one hair wig in the same shade as your real hair color, and then a few alternatives in the same shade. If you are looking to sport something chic and voguish, many hair systems come in pastel and ombré shades, ideal for any given occasion.

Moreover, hair systems in golden brown, chestnut, honey brown, copper, auburn and warm shades of gray complement a light skin tone. Similarly, ash blonde, platinum blonde, brown, burgundy, dark brown and black work with cooler skin tones.


Step 4: length anyone!

When you are about to make a purchase, think about the length of your hair system. Short hair systems, including extension clips, are easier to wear and manage than long hair systems, especially during the summer when it is really humid outside. 

Long hair systems are fun, especially if you have never had long hair before, but can easily get messy and consistently require to be cleaned and brushed out.


Step 5: The shape of your face

Your face shape can help you determine what wig length, pattern and style will suit you the most. If you have an oval face shape, you can flaunt any style or length.  

If you have a round face cut, select chin-length or longer styles with volume and height in the crown region and sides.

For square faces, select a style with fullness in the crown region. For individuals with a rectangular face type, try short to medium styles with volume at the sides and wispy thin bangs in the front.

Heart-shaped faces go well with any style. You can choose chin-length or longer styles with wispy bangs matching your preference.

Likewise, if you are unsure about choosing the right hair system for your face cut, consult your hair stylist. Once you purchase your hair system, they can trim and customize it to match your face cut and style.

Whether selecting a hair system for fashion, hair loss or convenience, you need to feel confident and secure when you wear them. Many consumers aren’t aware of the choices available and don’t know what to look for when buying a good hair system.

We hope these steps will help you make a wise investment.

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