Reborn Hair Fixing Studio

Hair Extensions

For some individuals, it can be very frustrating and a very lengthy process to grow their hair. Processes like hair weaving can be a very tremendous process. But worry not, with our extensions, you don’t have to worry about the daily hassles of lengthy hair. Be it long, wavy, straight, or any color and texture, our extensions provide our customers with a very flowy and natural look. Hair extensions and hair clippings are the easiest and the most convenient way to transform your hair by adding the required thickness and length.
The stylists at the Reborn Hair Fixing Studio specialize in applying our extensions to make our customers achieve an effortless and natural look.

Our extensions are effortless and durable to use and act almost like skin to your hair. We use chemical-free and natural hair for a more eco-friendly and recyclable environment. We design according to our customer’s specifications, their style quotient, and the occasion. So if you want your extensions to be lengthy, short, colored, or non-colored, our professionals will provide you only with the best.

To offer our customers a more specific range of extensions, we have divided them into 2 categories:-