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tips for deep conditioning your hair system

Tips for Deep Conditioning your Hair System

Did you know that frequent shampooing, blow drying and styling can leave your hair system dull, dry and damaged especially if proper care is not taken.

Therefore to avoid such instances,  it is vital to deep condition your hair wigs at least once or twice a month so that moisture is locked and they look lively and fuller. Deep conditioning your wigs every month will restore moisture, increase shine, de-tangle strands, prevent split ends, and also enhance the wave or curl pattern! 

But if your hair is really damaged, brittle or dry, you can condition it every week. Before we dive into our pro tips for deep conditioning your hair systems, let us know what this process is all about.


Deep conditioning at a glance

One of the major factors that debilitate your hair system is the application of heat. Under all circumstances, severe heat and hot water must be avoided for your wigs. When heat is used in the form of steam or hot water, it loosens hair cuticles thereby causing the moisture to escape. Nevertheless, heat also plays a vital role in the over process of deep conditioning.  

Likewise, when doing a deep conditioning treatment for your hair wigs, hair care experts often soak the open cuticles in a good quality conditioner followed by a cold water rinse, which keeps the hair cuticles intact. This further leaves the hair follicle soft, smooth, and shiny.  

In our deep conditioning tips, we recommend not to use heat and hot water directly to the hair system. Moreover, our hair care experts suggest using sulfate-free and wig-friendly conditioners to give you the best results.


  1. Comb your hair before conditioning

To avoid hassle-free conditioning for your hair system, it is important that you detangle the strands with a wide tooth comb.

Hair wigs for women and men must be combed from the skull cap upwards. Combing a hair wig from the roots and downwards can cause the comb to tangle the hair and pull strands out of your wig. 

It is best to brush your hair while it is dry, put a little oil, hair serum or spritzing warm water can add a good amount of smoothness when working through the strands, particularly if they have begun to tangle.


  1. Use paraben-free shampoo only

Avoid using shampoos that are designed for normal hair. The harsh chemicals, parabens, sulfate and other chemicals in the shampoo can sabotage the overall look of your hair system. We recommend buying paraben-free shampoos that are milder to your wigs. 

Unlike any regular wash, do not scrub your hair system as this can tangle the strands. Ensure the hair is flowing in one direction. Once all the strands are evenly coated, rinse your hair system under cold water.


  1. Use wig-friendly conditioners

Make sure to always use a sulfate-free deep conditioner enough to coat your hair wig. Use your fingers or distribute the conditioner evenly with the wide-tooth comb. Avoid applying the conditioner to the base of your hair piece as this will prevent the liquid adhesive or tape underneath from sticking properly.


  1. Zip-lock your hair system during the process

Most people often rinse their hair systems immediately under cold water after applying a conditioner. Little do they know that washing hair systems immediately will not give them the desired results. 

Hair care experts recommend allowing the conditioner to stay on the hair care system for at least 15 to 25 minutes before washing it off completely. In fact, you can place your hair wig inside a zip-lock bag and seal it. Make sure you turn the base inside out before you place it in the bag.


  1. Let the zip-lock bag float

In addition to our previous tip, you can add more volume and moisture to your hair system by letting the zip-lock bag float in a sink or tub with hot water. You can leave the bag to float for at least 20 minutes before rinsing it off. Even if you leave your wig for a little longer, it is fine, as the hair piece is in the sealed bag and no damage can be done to it.


  1. Cold water rinse

Never use hot water to rinse off the conditioner or shampoo. Since your hair system is made from delicate fibers and processed hair strands, hot water can rip off the color and shine severely. Use cold water to rinse your hair system. Cold water locks the moisture and prevents hair cuticles from loosening up during the process.


  1. Apply conditioner after rinse

Towel dry your wig after the cold water rinse and then lightly apply some more conditioner to the hair system and leave it to air dry. Applying a light coat of conditioner to your wig will enhance its color, luster and make it look voluminous.

Stronger, shiny and lively hair calls for a perfect hair system care regimen. Even though the choice of hair system care regimen depends on the type of hair strands your wig has, it is safe to say that deep conditioning is the best option for almost everyone. 

Deep conditioning is effective for locking moisture, retaining your wig’s shine and reducing its frizziness. Even if you do not have a frizzy hair system, incorporating deep conditioning is still recommended as a part of your monthly hair system care routine.


We hope these steps will help you make a wise investment.

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