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How to care for your Hair System during Summers

Summer has finally arrived, and so have all the exciting and recreational activities! In this climate, most people tend to worry about their hair wigs and pieces being exposed to the scorching sun. 

Many are simply hesitant to go for a refreshing swim because they might damage their delicate hair system. But fear not, we have some amazing news for you! If you follow our valuable advice to look after your hair wigs during summer, you might as well enjoy your holidays to the fullest while sporting a perfect and natural hair look.

Keep reading through the rest of this article and jot down all the necessary notes you will need!

Before moving on to our hair system care tips, we should first get to know what can cause damage to your hair wigs in the summers.


  1. Sweat

Although sweat is your body’s natural way to cool down the heat, it can cause distress to people who wear wigs. Toupee sweat and humidity can lead to an itchy and smelly scalp. Lest we forget, an itchy scalp can also lead to severe skin infections especially people with sensitive skin. 

However, we have some really good hair wig maintenance tips listed here that will help you evade a sweaty hair mess.


  1. The Sun

We all love to bask in the warmth of the sun, especially if we are by the beach or simply lying in our backyard. But too much sun can cause enough damage to your hair, wig and skin. The heat from the sun can make your hair wigs sport a drier and duller look, and also make it brittle and fragile. 

Moreover, the UV Rays from the sun are extremely harmful too. It can cause oxidation on your hair wigs and also affect its color, transforming it into a much lighter and somber shade.


  1. Water

Summer and water are simply inseparable. But the beautiful and clear waters of the beach and pool could damage your precious hair wig. Both salt and chlorine water can bleach, and dry your hair system.  Chlorine in swimming pools binds to the hair system and giving it a faded or greenish cast. Similarly, salt and dust particles in seawater, along with sunlight, can severely dehydrate hair and turn it fragile.

With all these natural factors that can cause damage to your hair system, you might be wondering if there is a way to dodge these problems and have a fun-filled summer. Follow these tips to get a gorgeous and chic hair system this summer!


Tip 1: Condition your hair wigs to beat humidity!

Be it hair wigs for men or women, conditioning is a must to prevent your hair system from falling apart. Our hair system experts recommend using a good hair conditioner specially designed for hair wigs. 

Avoid using conditioners made for natural hair. This is because most natural hair conditioners contain sodium laureth sulfate, paraben chemicals and alcohol that can damage your hair wig. Using a wig-safe hair conditioner with UV protection can help you control the mess and frizz, stop the color from fading and keep your hair moisturized all day long.


Tip 2: Turn down the heat by using an antiperspirant

Getting sweaty is okay but wearing a hair wig and sweating heavily is a not-so-good feeling. Perspiration can cause plenty of scalp issues, including dandruff, flaky and itchy scalp. 

An antiperspirant could help you reduce some of these problems. We recommend you apply a wig-safe antiperspirant that will not only prevent excessive sweating during the summers but will also make your wig smell good and refreshing.


Tip 3: Right protection for your hair wig

Dab some wig-safe UV protection lotions and sprays on your hair wig before you set your foot in the sun. This will make your hair piece look fuller and moisturized at all times. 

Furthermore, hair wigs for women require additional care especially if you are wearing long strands and locks. Donning your favorite hat or scarf will offer additional protection to your hair from the sun and wind. If your hair wig is long you can tie it back or roll it into a bun and prevent it from getting tangled.


Tip 4: Treat your wig well after use

After a long and fun summer day, remember to take good care of your hair wig. Although hair wigs for men are low maintenance, it is crucial to keep them clean and moisturized well. Summer days can cause sweat and natural oils to collect under your hair wigs, causing your scalp to itch, flake and have an unpleasant odor. 

Always use expert-suggested products to help you clean your hair systems. Wash your hair with some cold water and shampoos designed for wigs. Exfoliating shampoo is a must to thoroughly clean up your scalp and to get rid of any residue. Oil them regularly to maintain that luster and shine forever.

Always hydrate your hair wig not only to maintain its elegance and freshness, but also to get rid of tangles. Last but not the least, be careful to not overdo any of these hair care techniques. This could severely damage your hair system.

Free yourself from problems this summer and use your hair wig at any instance – be it an amazing outing in the sun or a private soiree! Remember – the more you think about your hair wig, the more people are going to notice. So simply adhere to our advice and you’ll be fine, and looking great, this entire summer!

Hope you find these hair system maintenance tips practical and useful, as we did.

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