Reborn Hair Fixing Studio

Clip in Hair

This form of extension has tiny clips attached to it that cover the small section of the hair. Clip-in hair extensions are the simplest form of hair extensions. It only requires minutes to apply for these extensions. We provide a variety of hair extensions depending on the material, i.e., synthetic or natural. Since there is an extensive range of colors in our hair extension clip, our customers can experiment with different styles and looks. These extensions are temporary and give immediate results, and are also easier to use. They are cheaper than other extensions, and at the hair fix studio salon, we make sure that we don’t compromise our services in terms of quality and satisfaction. These extensions are strongly recommended for women who wish to change their hairstyle daily but can’t do so because of their busy and packed schedules.

As you want a completely natural look from your extension, our stylists color it to make it not feel odd or unnatural to any onlooker or yourself. Although they are easy to use, it is vital to maintain them in good condition because if not properly maintained and taken care of, they won’t blend with the natural color of your hair and can give you a very unnatural and fake look. It will not look good on you. and as a result, it will affect our brand. So to keep it from happening, we use only the best tools and products. We thoroughly clean and disinfect every string of hair we use to make extensions so that you may get only the best quality of extensions. If you want more info, contact us, and our experts will help you the best.