Reborn Hair Fixing Studio

Hair Replacement

Both men and women can experience hair loss because of several factors such as age, hereditary, and stress. The conviction for hair loss can be treated very lightly, but most people do not understand the stress and anxiety that accompanies hair loss. Problems such as hair bonding can cause a wide range of illnesses like alopecia, burns, radiation, etc. The most common factors that are responsible for hair loss and hair thinning are:-

  • Age
  •  Hereditary
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Treatments such as chemotherapy
  • Cosmetic treatment
  • X-ray and radiation

We believe that your hair is a crown that you must never take off, and that is why we only provide natural and non-surgical hair replacements which provide shiny and natural hair that make our clients feel confident and self-worthy.

We provide high-quality and customized hair weaving and hair bonding treatments. The methods we use for these treatments are simple, gentle, non-surgical, and do not cause any side effects.

For hair replacement, we offer the following services to cater to the needs of every client.