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Different types of Hair extensions

What are the different types of hair extensions

Wearing your hair short is chic, don’t get me wrong, but short hair is not the option for all occasions and this is the very reason I am considering stylish and versatile hair extensions alone. Be it a party or festive occasion, you have this urge to look your very best and with short hair, you can never achieve that look. 

Hair extensions are great for styling up your hair – they can add length, volume and lets you try out new cuts and colors without actually doing anything to your natural hair. If you are new to selecting hair extensions and are unable to make a choice, this blog is just for you. Here we will discuss the different types of hair extensions that are sure to alleviate your dilemma. 

1.Glue-in or tape-in extensions

If you ever want to sport thicker, voluminous and picture-perfect hair, you should go with tape-in hair bonding extensions. These hair extensions are segments of hair bonded to one-inch thick dual-sided keratin tape at the base. The extensions are secured and aligned perfectly by inserting them between the strands of your natural hair. Normally, it is a good idea to get the extensions fixed to your natural hair by a stylist who has experience with tape-in extensions. They would only charge you a minimal hair bonding cost. 

2.Micro-ring hair extensions 

These fabulous hair extensions come in the form of tiny bundles of hair that are connected to a small silicone bead or metal ring. These intricate hair extensions are secured through small sections of your natural hair with the help of pliers. Since these hair extensions are tightly looped to your hair, they are long-lasting and secured. Besides, if you wish to revamp your hairstyle, you will have to wait for at least a month or two before getting them off your hair. Furthermore, the process of unhooking the hair extensions requires professional help so that there is minimal hair damage.

3.Clip-in hair extensions 

Those who barely have time to visit a salon can opt for hair clipping procedures. Clip-in extensions are the best if you are looking for an easy and temporary option. Small sections of your natural hair are attached to mini hair clips fastened to the extensions to let you instantly add length, volume and fullness in a jiffy. The hair literally clips into your natural hair without any damage. These hair extension clips are easy to maintain and remove. You can style, dye and even trim clip-ins as per your taste. 

4.Weave-in/sew-in hair extensions

If you wish to sport a lasting and natural look for any party or occasion, hair weaving is the best option. These hair extensions are attached by braiding the natural hair into tight cornrows first, and then with the help of a needle and thread, the extensions are sewed into the braid. Sew-in hair extensions make a great option for people with thicker hair because of the volume and grip the braids offer to the stitched weft. Normally speaking, hair weaving is a cumbersome and long process. You will need the help of an experienced hairstylist to sew the extensions skillfully within your braids. 

Weave-ins are also available in the form of hair wigs, which is weaved directly into braids the same way, nevertheless, a hair wig comes in one piece in contrast with separate wefts. Sew-ins is in style because of their permanent and flawless qualities, as the wefts are accurately stitched into your natural hair and cannot come off easily.

5.I-tip hair extensions 

If you are looking to attain a seamless, undetectable look, you will want to consider I-tip hair extensions. These are perfect extensions that sport a natural and realistic look to your hairdo. By wearing these semi-permanent hair extensions, people will seldom know the difference between your real hair and the wefts attached. 

These hair extensions come in tiny strand sections and are secured by taking an evenly small strand of your natural hair and fixed with a micro silicone bead, identical to the technique used for micro-ring installs. Since these hair extensions need to be handled with care, you’ll have to visit a professional hairdresser to get them secured to your natural hair. These hair extensions are sturdy and last for at least two months. 

In this day and age, stylish hair extensions are a hit among women of all ages. These hair systems not only add length and volume to your natural hair but can make you look classy and pretty on any occasion. The adaptability of such up-to-the-minute hair extensions means they are a perfect styling option for those having commitment issues. With just a few strands of hair wefts, you can immediately alter your length, volume, and color into the look of your dreams.

We hope you find these steps simple and easy to follow.
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