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How to maintain hair wigs

How to maintain Hair Wigs

Did you know wearing poorly maintained hair wigs could cause scalp issues? Nothing is worse than having an itchy and flaky scalp especially when you are at a soiree or an occasion and people stare as you awkwardly try to get rid of that prickly feeling underneath your wig. Wearing unclean hair wigs can give rise to a variety of scalp problems including dandruff and fungal infections. However, all this can be avoided only if you take good care of your hair wig. 

Read these valuable tips to keep your hair wig clean, fresher and genuine for longer than ever before:

1.Not just ordinary cleansers — Invest in high-quality wig care products

If you have paid good money for your hair wig, you’ll have to invest in products that will help keep its luster and shine intact. Hair wigs tend to get weary especially when you wear them frequently. Look for a good wig cleanser that has a mild pH level of 6. In addition to this, using shampoos and conditioners made for hair wigs is the key to its endurance. 

Avoid using the usual shampoos and cleansing agents at all costs. The harsh chemicals and pigments in them can rip the luster off your hair wig. Besides, your wig hair won’t recover by itself like normal hair. 

2.Think before you use beauty gadgets to style your wig

It is a known fact that excess heat makes hair follicles brittle and dry, and the same is true with hair wigs for women. Beauty gadgets including a curling iron, hair straightener, flat iron, electronic brush and hairdryer can permanently damage the silky and gleaming tresses of your gorgeous hair wig. And since your hair wig doesn’t heal like real hair, the damage remains permanent. Furthermore, if you own a wig made from synthetic hair, heating gadgets can mutilate the strands in it. 

Ensure to let your wig dry naturally, perhaps in open air or simply let it sit on the dresser or wire head. You could use non-heating tools if you want to oomph up the natural look of your wig. Remember, most hair wigs come in different styles and sizes; hence you can select your look before making a purchase. 

3.How much washing is too much washing 

You might be aware that washing real hair too often can cause it to lose its natural shine and volume. Shampoos and conditioners have a soapy agent that rips off natural sebum from hair follicles causing it to lose its gloss and shine. 

The same does apply to synthetic and human hair wigs. Washing your wigs often can damage it beyond repair. Many hairstylists and beauticians suggest washing hair wigs at least twice a week. Wash your wig with cold water using a mild shampoo or cleanser. If you own multiple hair wigs, you must use them alternately and at least wait between a few washes. However, a hair wig for men takes little time to wash and dry and hence it shouldn’t be a hassle when dealing with such hair systems. 

4.The right way to wash your hair wigs – avoid smell and dirt!

All hair wigs, including wigs for men, get dirty if one doesn’t maintain them well. If you long to retain the natural beauty, color and shine of your stunning hair wig, we suggest you look into the following tips while washing your wigs. 

  • Dust the wig gently to remove any dirt from it. 
  • Soak it in a mild detergent for at least 20 minutes. Use cold water to rinse off the soapy residue. Apply conditioners designed for wigs and let them dry. We recommend you never scrub your wig; instead, you could run your fingers gently between the locks and clean each section thoroughly. 
  • You can use essential floral oils in the soapy bath to get rid of any rancid smell emanating from your wig. We recommend using rose, musk or vanilla oils. As per an online survey, people surprisingly get attracted to these scents. 
  • You could also use a few drops of mild disinfectant in the soapy bath to get rid of harmful bacteria and fungus that could create scalp problems. 
  • Lastly, air dry your wig. Avoid using a hairdryer as this could melt the natural curls on your wig.


5.Still doubtful! Visit a hairstylist

If you are unsure about maintaining your hair wig, you should visit your local hairstylist or the shop you purchased it from. Styling hair wigs for men and women is a different ball game altogether. Your hairstylist is experienced and can provide you with tips for maintaining your wig without damaging it. 

They can trim, style and even dye your hair as per your preferences and liking. Ensure to consult your hairstylist each time you purchase your wig. They can share valuable information on buying the kinds of wigs matching your requirements. Different wig types have different styles, hence it is good to get guidance for any hair wig you purchase. 

It is essential to purchase wigs from well-known manufacturers since quality wigs will last longer and tend to get less tangled during regular styling. It is best to buy your wig and its accessories from the same shop.

We hope you find these steps simple and easy to follow.
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