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Our Itip hair extensions are usable for both consumer and professional use

Our Itip hair extensions are usable for both consumer and professional use. We exclusively use human hair to design and shape them, which means that they are very lightweight and can retain and lock moisture for a period. These extensions cover more surface area, and our trained beauticians apply them on the head with a safe heating element in layers. Our experts that have designed these extensions provide you with the most luscious and voluminous look keeping your precision and specificities in mind. These extensions are individual strands installed with beads and attachable from one side of the head to the other. The most important feature about the itip extensions is that they are pain-free to use as they require no use of a hot glue gun which makes your hair move more naturally. Another salient feature that is worth noting is they are effortless to fix and renewable over a long period.

As you want a completely natural look from your extension, our stylists color it to make it not feel odd or unnatural to any onlooker or yourself. Although they are easy to use, it is vital to maintain them in good condition because if not properly maintained and taken care of, they won’t blend with the natural color of your hair and can give you a very unnatural and fake look. It will not look good on you. and as a result, it will affect our brand. So to keep it from happening, we use only the best tools and products. We thoroughly clean and disinfect every string of hair we use to make extensions so that you may get only the best quality of extensions. If you want more info, contact us, and our experts will help you the best.

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