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Best ways and techniques to maintain the hair patches

Best ways and techniques to maintain the hair patches

Do you want to dive in a pool or perhaps go for a refreshing swim at the beach but constantly worried that such an act could ruin your hair patch? If you are one of the many people who wear hair patches, you will surely know the concerns and worries that come along with it. 

Hot climate, humidity, rain, chlorine-filled pools and seawater can wreak havoc with the quality of your hair patch hence it’s important to take the essential measures to safeguard it. The following steps should help you take care and enjoy a much-needed vacation:

1. Out for a swim? Wear swimming caps

Be it real hair, wigs or hair patches, the chlorine in pools and saltwater at the beach is sure to affect your hair system, and can even cause permanent damage to it if you spend an entire day underwater. Spending too much time in salted and chlorine water can also bleach your hair systems. If you can, try to wear a swimming cap. You can also apply hair protection sprays and conditioners to your hair patches before diving to reduce the amount of chlorinated and salted water absorbed into the base and hair strands. 

2. Keep it gleaming always! Use conditioners

Shiny and attractive hair is your asset. Give your hair patch the proper attention it requires by using good hair conditioners. Since your hair patch cannot produce natural oils (sebum) by itself, a customary conditioning routine is a must. After each wash, you should apply a mild conditioner and then rinse it thoroughly under lukewarm water. Avoid using regular conditioners as the harsh chemicals present in them could damage your hair patch. Use formulated conditioners designed specifically for hair systems.

3. Regular shampoos for your hair patches – a big NO!

Similar to what was said in the earlier point concerning regular conditioners, using too much regular shampoo removes sebum from your natural hair. If regular shampoos could do this to your natural hair imagine what could it do to your hair system? Hence, regular shampoos for your hair patches are a big no-no. It is vital to know that many regular shampoos are made from harsh chemicals that are not suitable for use for hair patches. Consult your stylist regarding milder shampoos that are suitable for wigs and hair patches. 

4. Ladies! Avoid overusing beauty gadgets 

When used often, or in high-heat settings, hair beautifying gadgets such as hairdryers, flat irons, and curling rods can damage your hair patches. Excess dry air coming from hairdryers can make your hair brittle and dull. If you wish to use a hairdryer or flat iron, ensure that it is in the cool setting. Expert hair stylists suggest natural drying as there is potentially zero harm in getting your hair system damaged. You could wash your hair in the evening and let it dry overnight.

5. Planning to bask in the sun? Shield your hair patches

Torrid climatic conditions and humidity could be a major concern for your hair patches. Excess sunlight or humidity can ruin the quality of your hair system. Taking good care of your hair patches during the summer just like you would take care of your skin should be an essential part of your hair care routine. Wear a loose-fitting hat or cap to protect your scalp from the harsh rays of the sun. Using protective sealers and sunscreen lotions designed for hair wigs or patches can further protect your hair from severe damage. 

6. Noticed ratty hair knots? Run a comb through your hair patch

Grooming and keeping your hair patch in style is a must if you want it to look natural and realistic. One way to keep your hair patch in style is by untangling the knots. If you sport a long hair patch, it is important for you to run a soft bristle brush through it regularly. Combing your hair patch with a wide-tooth comb can also help in untangling knots. We recommend applying gels and oils to keep each strand in your hair system separate from the other. Taking good care of hair knots is important to maintain the volume of your hair patch since there is no way for hair to grow back after they fall out. It is essential that you use a knot sealer habitually to avoid further damage. 

While it might seem a bit daunting to incorporate all of these tips into your hair system care routine, eventually when you put these into practice, you will get used to it. Making your hair patch care a priority will not only keep it fuller and attractive but will also save you the cost of spending on the repairs needed to extend the lifespan of your hair system.

We hope you find these steps simple and easy to follow.
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